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On 01/17/16 at approx 5:15 A.M. a home invasion robbery occurred at a residence off of 11th St. in Emerson. I want to stress to Emerson residents that this was an isolated incident. It is apparent that the victim knew his assailants and was targeted by them due to a disagreement. At this point there is no reason for anyone to expect any other actions by these assailants within the City. The Emerson Police, GBI and other law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation. Rest assured that the Emerson Police will still be conducting patrol functions and be available for service. Your safety is our priority and we will conduct business with this goal in mind.

Stan Bradley
Chief of Police
City of Emerson

Welcome to the official website of the Emerson Police Department, located in the City of Emerson , Georgia. This Website was created for the citizens of Emerson, to help answer any questions concerning the department and to provide information to the public concerning relative issues.

We at the Emerson Police Department are dedicated to the concept of Justice, Service and Integrity, striving to adhere to the set standard of our Departmental Creed. We provide a full range of police services to the community, from helping to change a flat tire to investigating strange noises in the middle of the night.

Crime prevention is a key element to the overall police departments operation. Officers spend the majority of their time on duty engaged in preventive patrol. In the event you should see something suspicious, please call us with the information. We feel that it is very important to stop a crime before it occurs. Should you feel the need to speak with us, please call the police department during normal business hours at 770-386-6696. After business hours, in a non emergency situation, call 770-387-5195. In an emergency, Dial 911.

Emerson Police Department
700 Highway 293
Emerson, Georgia 30137